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Design Approval/Sign-Off - 

, in an effort to help streamline our Quality Control workflow for , Mitcham Laser Cutting Services requires an approval on the submitted design.

Before signing, please review all attachments below and ensure all details are correct before approval.

Some notable factors to take into consideration before approving a design are as follows:

✓ Product Sizing & Dimensions
✓ Material Specification – including thickness, grades etc…
✓ Surface Finishes
✓ Surface Coatings & Colours
✓ Quantities
✓ Any other specific Annotations and Manufacturing Details


Your prompt response to this request is appreciated, as your order will not be scheduled for production until this approval stage has been completed.

After this document is signed any changes to the approved design will fall outside of the original contract and may incur additional costs to modify or replace works.

If you do not approve this design… please email us here


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