SPACE – Geelong Grammar School

Geelong Grammar School

MLCS was engaged to assist with the design & supply of several thousand aluminium facade panels for the new creative & performing arts building at Geelong Grammar School in Corio, Victoria.

One of our largest & most technically involved projects to date, SPACE, as it is now known, consisted of hundreds of hours of design, programming & machine time to meet the specific requirements of the architect’s design.


The panels were designed with specific, custom-made embossed & perforated patterns. This combined with the extensive, varying geometries and compound angles required great detail and accuracy to ensure panels fitted perfectly to the pre-fabricated modular framework.

We were fortunate to work with a fantastic, experienced client who designed the modular system & in the end brought the architects concept to life.

MLCS was involved in the initial design of the panels with their embossed & perforated patterns to ensure manufacturability. Extensive design & planing was completed well before the first panel was produced to ensure the project ran smoothly. Custom-made tooling was designed & manufactured specifically for this project.


Each & every various size panel was drafted & programmed by our design team, in consultation with the structural drafters, architect & client and credit goes to Matt for his tireless efforts in ensuring each panel was perfect!

MLCS specified & supplied anodizing grade aluminium sheet for this project to ensure colour consistency throughout the job and each blank was ordered to a specific length to ensure optimum yield & cost per panel.


Above you can see the detail in the obround embossed feature which was used on the Studio building, prior to being anodized. This unique & specially designed feature sets the building apart from the more common ‘perforated’ options available.

Geelong Grammar is a fantastic example of Mitcham Laser’s ability to create and execute a completely custom designed project & work with our clients & their associated contractors to ensure jobs are completed successfully.