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Salvagnini Panel Bender – P2L 2120

The addition of this machine further continues our strong investment in state-of-the-art machinery and reinforces our dedication to Australian Manufacturing. The P2Lean is the ultimate Salvagnini panel bender, natively combining productivity, with its automatic bending and handling cycles, and flexibility, with its universal bending tools. Equipped with an automatic ABA blankholder, the P2lean doesn’t require re-tooling and completes an average of 17 bends per […]


New Safan Darley Press Brake

2013 saw a significant increase in our folding workload and a requirement for more technical & precision components. The addition of our new 50 Tonne – 2050mm E-Brake will increase our folding capacity & reduce lead-times. This investment also furthers our commitment to providing our clients the highest quality services possible.           The […]